The EZ Hassle-Free Listing

After years of listening to our sellers The EZ Home Network has come up with a program to make listing your home, condo, investment property or luxury estate hassle-free!

No Junk Fees! No “Service Admin Processing Fee”!
Most traditional brokerages will pretend to lower the commissions but then try to add a “Service Administration Fee”. The “Service Administration Fee” is a fee that has never really been defined by any of these brokerages (We have seen them as high as $500 by most local brokerages!). These same brokerages will also guide you into using their in-house title companies, insurance companies, bank lenders, home warranty companies, etc. This actually costs you more in the end and they are the ones who profit! The EZ Home Network does not believe in hiding junk fees from you and/or even charge them at all. Our commission is what it is. Nothing more.

50/50 Commission Split!
The EZ Home Network can discuss its specific commission structure for your home directly with you when we meet and discuss your property value. When listing a home you pay a certain percentage on the total sales price. The EZ Home Network at Keller Williams Realty would take 50% of that and will be offering the buyer Realtor exactly the same for bringing their buyer to your home and incentivize them to sell your home. We believe most sellers understand this to be the only fair solution and that sellers generally have no idea there are other options for Realtors to choose. Would you believe the NEW industry standard for most listing agents is to offer less then 50% to the buyer agent who has your buyer in their car? This means that your listing agent is trying to keep a higher percentage for themselves and offer less to the Buyer’s Realtor! The EZ Home Network philosophy is to always incentivize those buyer agents to bring buyers directly to your home. We do this by splitting the commission you pay us 50/50. That is why we put it in writing in our EZ Hassle Free Listing Program.

No Gimmick Guarantee
We will NOT give you a “Money Back Guarantee” and we promise NOT to “buy your home if we don’t sell it”.  We guarantee no small print with our listing agreement and no misleading/empty promises. You will not find “Restrictions Apply” anywhere in our listing paperwork. 
In this day and age, buyers and sellers are looking for agents that they can trust. They are tired of misleading gimmicks that are never what they seem to be. The real estate industry is full of gimmicks right now and we understand how frustrating that can be. We have no “small print”. List with The EZ Home Network and list gimmick free!

Cancellation Policy
After 60 days Owner or Listing Agent may cancel the listing at anytime by simply calling and notifying the other party. The cancellation becomes effective from the time you call. Please allow two business days to have the sign removed and the listing withdrawn from the Multiple Listing Service.  Don’t put yourself into a situation where you are unable to fire your Realtor.  You should always stay in control of your home.  Many promises are made at the time of signing a listing.  What happens if you have signed with a Realtor who falls short of your expectations?  What happens if you have decided to sign a 6 month contract or 1 year contract?  The EZ Home Network is willing to stand by our promises and don’t need to force you into a long term contract!  We believe in our systems and results and know you will too. 

100% Market Exposure Promise- No Private Listings!
We will expose your home to 100% of buyers, Brokerages and Realtors from the very first day we market your home.   It may sound crazy but some brokerages are convincing sellers that it is better for them to try and keep their listing private to only their brokerage.  Obviously, the Realtor/Broker gets to try and get both sides of the commission so it is a huge win for them.  But, how is that good for you?  Even if that broker has 25% of market share you are missing out on buyers represented by the other 75%!  Not to mention, if that company is only a local broker, you have cut out the entire United States full of buyers that might be moving to Philadelphia area.  You will miss out on multiple offer opportunities to raise your sale price or simply better offers that will just be lost.   This could cost you tens of thousands of dollars!  We promise to expose your home to all buyers, Brokers and Realtors from day one!