No Private Listings Promise

100% Market Exposure Promise – No Private Listings! 
The EZ Sales Team will expose your home to 100% of buyers, Brokerages and Realtors from the very first day we market your home.   It may sound crazy but some brokerages are convincing sellers that it is better for them to try and keep their listing private to only their brokerage.  Obviously, the Realtor/Broker gets to try and get both sides of the commission so it is a huge win for them.  But, how is that good for you?  Even if that broker has 25% of market share you are missing out on buyers represented by the other 75%!  Not to mention, if that company is only a local broker, you have cut out the entire United States full of buyers that might be moving to The Greater Cincinnati area.  You will miss out on multiple offer opportunities to raise your sale price or simply better offers that will just be lost.   This could cost you tens of thousands of dollars!  We promise to expose your home with all buyers, Brokers and Realtors from day one!

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