EZ Virtual Tours

Always focused on innovation and outperforming the market for our clients is our passion at The EZ Sales Team.   Marketing is an over promised and under delivered promise in the real estate industry.  We have made a promise to always go to the next level setting higher record prices for our client’s homes and we do that through innovative marketing.  The EZ Sales Team is made up of a network of marketing professionals including videographers, audio professionals, photographers, social media specialists, web designers and online advertising experts.   We will stop at nothing to bring the latest tools and marketing ideas to find the right buyer for your home.

EZ Virtual Tours are beyond the reach of most Realtors and Brokers in Ohio.  The concept is simple, powerful and effective.  Produce a home tour video that inspires, tells the home’s story and adds value.   You have hired us to create value or express the value of your home.   It is not possible to do with a simple slide show of pictures that could already be viewed in the photo gallery.  It is only possible when the time, money, research and years of experience can create energy, interest, excitement or a feeling in the right buyer.   Below is a simple example of how real estate has evolved and how we can make your home more valuable, sell quicker and locate the perfect buyer for you: