EZ Virtual Staging

An amazing opportunity and innovation that is afforded to homeowners who would like show their home furnished online but have already moved out called EZ Virtual Staging.  EZ Virtual Staging is the use of technology to convincingly showcase an empty room, garage, office or any space as furnished online.  This will help the buyers understand the est or multiple options for a room in a home you are selling.

By listing your home with The EZ Sales Team our marketing team will work it’s magic and help your home sell fast.  Below is an example for you to enjoy:

EZ Virtual Staging Realtor Cleveland Ohio

Condo Virtual Staging in Cleveland Ohio

Condo Virtual Staging in Cleveland Ohio


As you can see the virtually staged room is more inviting and offers the sense of home vs. house.   This will increase the interest and the value overall.  Other benefits of EZ Virtual Staging include:

  • Safety – your home will be viewed online and EZ Virtual Staging makes the home look occupied to deter vandals or theft.
  • Utility – you may have a room that would be perfect for an office but do not have the right furniture to express that story to a potential buyer.  EZ Virtual Staging allows us to share all the possibilities of each room in your home.
  • Enhancement – Many homeowners never purchased the high end furnishings they wanted to or moved them to a new home already.  We have the ability to enhance the home with fine furniture, electronics and decor that may not be affordable or available


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